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I wish there was a way to blacklist things in real life.

Like someone tries to talk to me about something a giant sign pops up in front of me

"This person is about to talk to you about bendydick curdlesnout - say ‘hear comment’ if you would like to hear what they have to say"

That way I could just avoid the things I hate all together.

Searching for a job is like the most exhausting thing.

Because you get hopeful when you think you may be qualified for a position that is exactly what you are looking for

Then you aren’t.

And you repeat that process for two hours and suddenly nothing matters, your degree is pointless, and you are lying face down on your floor pretending you don’t exist.





Those tags. Perfect

But what I don’t get is why we don’t see more of this in fic. Because even knowing the circumstances, for Bucky to say something like that to Steve is straight up mean, and he knows it. He has to know how personally Steve took his perpetual failure to be noticed; Steve didn’t really make much of a secret of it. He knows that this is one of Steve’s insecurities, and he goes right for it, because he wants Steve to hurt as much as he’s hurting right now. For him, it’s not even about Peggy — it’s about the fact that for the first time, their roles have been reversed, and he hates it. He’s realising how tough it must have been for Steve to be treated the way he was, but instead of empathizing, instead of following Steve’s lead, he lashes out. He doesn’t accept his new role as the invisible one; he tries to put Steve back in his place.

And I think it’s really telling, too, that Steve doesn’t rise to it. Bucky’s being an asshole, but it’s probably not the first time. He recognises this meanness in Bucky and he turns it back on him. I imagine that Steve might even be parroting back to him something Bucky’s said to him before — “don’t take it so hard; maybe she’s got a friend.” If Bucky’s pushing against the new order of things, Steve’s pushing back. He’s not going to let Bucky put him back in his old place, because that’s not how things are anymore. And Bucky can either take it or leave it, but Steve’s just not going to take the bait, not anymore.

I kinda think that this is what Sebstan’s getting at when he says that you can see hints of the Winter Soldier even in TFA. It’s not just about his coldness or his ruthlessness; it’s about his hard edges, where he comes up against his own best friend and even his own better judgment. It’s moments like this where you can see that he’s not a good man, at least not the way Steve is. Neither one of them can just let things go, but the difference is that the fights Steve picks are with people who (at least in his own mind) deserve it, while the fights that Bucky picks are with people who don’t. Both of them are impulsive, but there’s a hard-edged cruelty to Bucky that makes him almost thoughtless — that if he just thought about what he was saying or doing, he might be more careful or even caring, but it’s only afterwards, when he has time to reflect, that any of this occurs to him.

So… all of this is to say that I don’t really buy the characterization of Bucky as someone who is avowedly and self-consciously protective of Steve. Bucky is mean to Steve, albeit not always in ways that he doesn’t deserve. (See also: when he calls out Steve for feeling like he has to prove something by enlisting.) Of course, he’s mean in ways that betray long years of friendship; he wouldn’t be able to get under Steve’s skin so well if he didn’t know him so well. But it’s clear that the long years of intimacy between them haven’t just wrought affection, but darker feelings as well: jealousy, resentment — and they go both ways.

Bucky may well protect Steve, but I don’t think it’s a conscious decision. If anything, it strikes me more as possessiveness than it does protectiveness. Steve is his friend, which means he’s Bucky’s to joke with, to scheme with, to boss around, to pick fights with, to be mean to. If he pulls Steve out of fights, it’s because if anyone’s going to fuck with Steve, it’s going to be him. But if anyone’s going to fuck with Steve, then they better also laugh with him and cry with him and drink with him and be with him, and no one’s going to do those things better than Bucky. So if Bucky’s protectiveness — possessiveness — whatever — comes from anywhere, it comes from a place of jealousy, because Steve makes him feel good about himself. He makes him feel good and strong and capable, and Bucky needs him around to keep doing that because Bucky doesn’t feel those things about himself on his own.

And Captain America already makes Bucky feel diminished.

And that’s where the Winter Soldier comes from. If you take away Steve, Bucky’s left with only the bad parts of himself in his own mind. The good parts are still there, but he just can’t see them. He becomes invisible inside his own head.

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Looking for a safe place in a non-safe world. I don’t think it exists. So I figured I’d just have to create it myself.



Just a reminder of the cruel irony that everyone remembered Steve Rogers except for the two people he loved the most.

woah slow down there son you’re speeding in a 666 mile per hour zone i’m gonna have to write you up for being fuCKING SATAN

I beat mass effect two and no one died. And I am just like on cloud nine right now. All my babies are safe.

I’m about to finish mass effect 2. And while you might not understand why that is a big deal let me explain.

I have only finished one video game in my entire life. Uncharted 2. And I was playing it with another person.

This is the first game that I have played by myself. I have invested a lot of time and energy into this game. I care about what happens.

And i am freaking out. My hands are shaking and I’m having trouble breathing because I am so close to finishing something.

Me. The girl who starts a million things. Has a thousand plans but no follow through. I am about to finish a game I have spent over 24 hours playing.

This means something to me. This means I can finish something. This means I’m not a quitter like I always believed myself to be.

And ugh I’m really happy. Also scared because I can totally fuck it up. And Stephie won’t text me back.

And I have to go kick the collectors collective ass now.